Six Styles Of Women Yoga Pants You Should Have

With the popularity of yoga, manufacturers are competing to create as many as yoga pants styles, especially for women. The dedicated pants for yoga practices are not only used for yoga, but also for other activities such as dancing class, exercise, running, and much more. Especially for women’s yoga pants, manufacturers create various options of yoga pants that can be confusing sometimes when choosing from many available options.

If you have no issue with your budget, you might want to collect all your favorite yoga pants for your fitness wardrobe. Otherwise, to build a fitness wardrobe on a budget, at least there are six styles of women yoga pants you should have. What are they? Here is the list of the basic yoga style you need:

Boot-Cut Yoga Pants

Boot-Cut Yoga Pants This type of yoga pants has similar purposes as other types of yoga pants; those are giving you flexibility and comfort during a yoga practice where you may need to stretch your body in various poses. As the most popular type of yoga pants, the boot-cut yoga pants has significant benefits for you, it easily translates from the yoga studio onto the street. With the full-length and boot-cut flare of this style, you can wear them for a yoga practice and as a street wear. Commonly available in various color options, you can easily combine it with your favorite tops to create your favorite look.

Yoga tights or leggings

Yoga tights or leggings Yoga tights or also known as leggings is a perfect choice for a yoga practice. With the tight design of leggings, you can ensure that every joint and angle in your body is perfectly the same as it should be. If you are an instructor, your student can learn what you are doing clearly on every pose, while for the student, this type of yoga pants allow the instructor to have a clear view so that they can help you when you are doing anything wrong during a yoga class. This style is suitable for you who feel comfortable with tight pants that expose your body shape.

Yoga capri pants

Yoga capri pants This yoga pants style has short and sporty beachcomber-style pants. This yoga pants style is an ideal choice for a yoga practice during a hot weather and also for Bikram yoga practice. With the length of this style legs which stop at the mid-calf, it keeps you feel cooler and comfortable to do a better and safer positioning of the foot and ankle.

Foldover yoga pants

Foldover yoga pants If you don’t feel comfortable in a ‘second-skin’ look, this style may be perfect for you. Besides giving you the comfort fit of yoga pants, this style features a wide and loose waistband that give you flattering looks.

Compression yoga pants

Compression yoga pants This style features a high waist that uses lycra and other elastic materials. This design is helpful to compress and engage the torso. This style is available in various options of styles.

Kundalini-Style yoga pants

Compression yoga pants It is the last style of yoga pants you should have in your fitness wardrobe. This traditional yoga pants typically come in loose and white cotton design. The design of this pants gives you room to breathe and move during a yoga class. Besides that, this style also provides a break from some of the body-conscious style.